In Addalia we understand and deal with the process of client validation as a comprehensive process that goes beyond the mere verification of a document or some data included in it.

Our solution, IDDILIGENCE, deals with absolutely all the security dimensions we talked about in the second post. In the processes of client “on boarding”, as well as providing tools toOur solution, IDDILIGENCE swiftly obtain the documents needed to guarantee the adequate knowledge about the client and their circumstances, assuring the compliance of the confidentiality, verification and traceability requirements of the process and the adequate conservation of the data and formats.


Let’s go over what must be required in a solution to cover all the security dimensions:

  • Availability: Having mechanisms to find information and the evidence of a certain record or operation and be able to provide it to the people that need it when required, from the systems that they use to carry out their activity. Iddiligence offers a web service that can be integrated into any system or platform, an archive that saves all the operations carried out along with recovery and enquiry mechanisms.

  • Confidentiality: The safe-kept information must be protected and accesible only to those authorized, with the corresponding control of these accesses. Iddiligence saves all the evidence (images of documents, video recordings, etc.) and the data associated in a system encrypted in a way that makes it only accessible to those users properly identified and authorized. Not even the System Administrator can access the content of the information if they don’t have the corresponding rights.

  • Integrity: The data and evidence saved on Iddiligence can’t be modified or replaced by anyone but the authorized users and, in any case, proof of any action carried out is recorded and the original documents are conserved, managing to guarantee the integrity of the information and the process.

  • Authenticity: Iddiligence controls that the access and operations are carried out by users which are properly identified and registered, which guarantees the authenticity of any action or information registered.

  • Traceability: Iddiligence registers in detail all the actions carried out, the moment its done, the user or system behind them and provides tools for their recovery, which guarantees that the development of an operation can be verified at any moment.

  • Conservation: In Iddiligence the information, evidence and details of the actions carried out can be conserved as long as needed in order to comply with the legal requirements , being accesible for consultations to the users that are adequately identified.

  • Legal compliance: The regulation and legislation changes and evolves. Iddiligence is a configurable platform which guarantees it’s capacity to adapt to these changes and stay updated at all moment: from adding new requirements for documentation and the processes, to adding new validation formats such as facial recognition and video conference with the client.



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