Relationship between Compliance, KYC and digital client onboarding

By: Sara Santajuana, Marketing Manager at Addalia


With the new digital channels for client acquisition, the KYC and digital onboarding involve a significant challenge for the companies for two main reasons.
On one hand, the digital transformation and the rise of the Fintech companies push to open digital channels for client acquirement and digital onboarding. These channels require immediacy and agility in their operations, since any lost second in the process increases the risk of losing a client.

KYC  and digital client onboarding

On the other hand, the compliance and the KYC regulations demand a high level of truthfulness in data and docs, which requires time and resources.

Iddiligence, the solution to data validation, documents and the ID of your digital clients

how to combine the agility that the new channels demand with the verification demanded by KYC?

It's obvious that companies have a big part in the interface design and the procedures that prioritize the usability and efficiency in information management. Technology too can contribute in the process of increasing the security and quality of data.
Among others, within these technologies we can find:

  • Imaging: Components to capture documents on paper and convert them into HD images that can be processed later
  • Optical recognition: Components that allow you to automatically extract the format of the documents (automatically identify the type of document) same as the content within (locate and read name, surname, ID number, expiration date, etc.)
  • Biometrics: Acquisition of the biometric characteristics (face and signature) that allow purchases with documents (pictures or signatures) and asses the identity
  • Artificial Intelligence: Automatic learning software that allow the systems to "learn" on the decisions made by the software components and the following validations (human or automatic).
  • Automatic validations and RPA (Robotic Process Automation): establishing automatic mechanisms that will validate and compare the information. Those will trigger the necessary process to complete and compensate for the possible mistakes. They will also initiate or decline operations on automatic mode with full guarantee of compliance of the legal (KYC) and risk requirements

Management systems as supporting tools to the criminal compliance

The Iddiligence solution for the data validation in onboarding processes is an example on how these technologies ease the compliance on the digital client onboarding.

The Iddiligence solution

What the user perceives is that after taking a picture of themselves and of their documents, the process is ratified within seconds.
Many automatic processes occur within the solution:

  • The imaging technology processes the pictures to improve their quality
  • After that, the optical recognition automatically extracts the information that the picture withholds and it ratifies it by comparing it to other fields, algorithms and data base.
  • Once the information is extracted it checks if it's complete and correct for the requirements of the operation or if it needs any extra step (ask for new information, notify the processing department, etc)

Within seconds and in an automatic way, these type of solutions simultaneously allow to improve the user experience, speed up the process, obtain verified information, approve the operations within the set criteria and assure the compliance of the regulation on the client onboarding.



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