Addalia is part of Alastria, the first national blockchain

We are pleased to announce that Addalia is one of the companies that is part of Alastria, the first national blockchain. We are beyond happy to belong to this multisectoral partnership that focuses on building a parastatal blockchain infrastructure. This infrastructure will support efficiently the legal services within Spain and according to the European regulations.

Alastria is an open and multisectoral net that offers the technological infrastructure that companies need in order to build their blockchain services and products. This happens in a digital environment that supports the newest SmartContract models and that makes the transactions within the Alastria net legal. Not only that, but it's independent and neutral.

Discover Addalia's technology

In Addalia we are committed to using technology to validate data, identities and documents, with the goal of optimizing to the maximum these processes so they can be as fast, efficient and safe as possible. That's why we are currently incorporating the blockchain tech to build alternative models and groundbreaking solutions that will allow users and companies to share information in a safe and transparent way, guaranteeing confidentiality and bringing methods of automatic validation of data with no need of intermediaries.

As members of the Alastria net we lean on our partnership to make our blockchain projects a reality and to make a contribution to the business efficiency such technology can give us.


Addalia provides the only technology for collecting and administrating documents via images for critical business processes. Our software offers secure and efficient automated solutions, it is flexible and modular and can be deployed in a standard or cloud-based form. As an end-to-end application or a solution for integrators, Addalia's software has infinite possibilities, such as: