ADDALIA and EUROGESTION establish a strategic partnership to transform business processes in the sector of railway and maritime transport with blockchain technology

ADDALIA, a technological company specialised in the development of software for validation and processing of identities, data and documents, has signed a partnership with EUROGESTIÓN, a consultancy company focused on the transport and renewable energy market, to simplify the great amount of physical documentation that exists in the maritime and railway transport sector with blockchain technology, among others.

Blockchain technology is the financial sector’s great bet and is presented in the transport sector as a new challenge where there are already emerging initiatives and forecasts of an important short-term increase, due to the benefits it can bring, such as increasing transparency, traceability and process automation.

As Wladimiro Navarro stated:

“With this agreement we want to bring the advantages of Blockchain to a sector - logistics and transport - which could benefit from a collaborative platform where the different actors can participate directly with the advantage of obtaining high levels of transparency and trust in the execution of the procedures, the automation of operations and the traceability of these”.

Juan Manuel MartinezAs Juan Manuel Martinez stated:

“The application of blockchain technologies allows to automate tedious and tiresome business processes in a fast, economic and secure way, as well as ensuring the compliance with the legal requirements that carriers must comply with as it is a auto-autitable system”.


EUROGESTION is a spanish company focused on the transport sector, mainly maritime and railways, that provides consulting services in strategy, business, security and operations and development of management systems, as well as engineering of systems, installations and material.

It has been in the sector for over 15 years and has worked for all the railway companies and the majority of ports in Spain.


ADDALIA ​provides document capture and management technology through images for critical business processes. Our software offers automated, secure and efficient solutions, it’s
flexible and modular and can be deployed in standard or cloud manner. ADDALIA is a member of Alastria, the first national blockchain network.


Addalia provides the only technology for collecting and administrating documents via images for critical business processes. Our software offers secure and efficient automated solutions, it is flexible and modular and can be deployed in a standard or cloud-based form. As an end-to-end application or a solution for integrators, Addalia's software has infinite possibilities, such as: