We have a new office in Argentina

Addalia, besides building and marketing its solutions for validation by a commercial deal, will develop and distribute new products on Atril imaging technology, supporting like that the South American users of this platform.

Atril is an image technology widely proven as successful in the market with more than 25 years of successful installations and wide implementation in financial environments and payment methods (check processing). Thanks to this agreement, Addalia will count with a strong technological support to expand the range of their solutions on digital environments, with full guarantees for their clients.

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This new colaboration adds to the already established agreements that Addalia has with other corporations (Telefónica, Diebold, Ivacus, Deyde, Cibergestión, Connectis, Taisa y Addoc) to create an ecosystem of tech associates, with the idea of building an atmosphere of collaborative learning and innovation which will offer the most advanced, innovative and effective technology to their clients.



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