Addalia Joins The Blockchain Business Association (AECHAIN)

ADDALIA has acceded to the Blockchain Business Association (AECHAIN) with the aim of creating a blockchain technology know-how and development.

ADDALIA is incorporate into the UNE group

ADDALIA Technology, S.L has been incorporated into, as a Member with full rights, the CTN 71/SC 307 “Blockchain and distributed electronic registry.

How IDDILIGENCE’S facial recognition for identity validation works

Identity verification through facial biometrics has many advantages, both for the users and companies. Thanks to identity validation solutions,.

Digital identity: how to prove it’s really us on the Internet

Proving we are who we say we are has been a constant concern in security since human beings, organized in small communities, started to interact with.

Why banks should bet on digital customer onboarding solutions

Mobile phones have become part of our daily life and have become an indispensable element in our The penetration rate of smartphones.

Daniel Media explains how technology is changing the financial world

In recent years, the technological boom has driven the digital transformation in finances. However, although it’s true that new technologies, such as.

How the 3 types of automation processes work

By: Alberto Iglesias Fraga, journalist specialized in digital economy.

What proceses can Blockchain transform?

Companies all over the world are investigating use cases with Blockchain. It is the technology developed in 2009 to make bitcoin (the first.

The advantages of the blockchain for document management

Every day, thousands of documents are handled by employees and processed, mostly in digital format, others some still on paper. We are referring to.



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